Speed Enhancement Training (S.E.T)

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clonazepam without a prescription or doctor No Matter your age, sport, experience level, or goals, each athlete that attends our Speed Enhancement Training (S.E.T.) Program is provided with a program especially tailored to their needs.


Look At This The sports world is constantly evolving, as such the training must evolve as well in order to keep up with the pace of the games we play, we must constantly prepare mentally and physically so that we may excel in every aspect.

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https://www.cfcdd.com/docs/consent/call4203/ Our program adopts a multi-factor approach to training in order to gain the strength, size, speed, and proper movement pattern in an attempt to achieve optimal athletic performance.

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https://www.cfcdd.com/docs/consent/call2831/ By strengthening each athlete’s weaknesses, the athlete will become more apt to improve at a greater rate than they could ever imagine.  Athletes will not only become stronger, faster, and more explosive, but they will also develop the tools to become more flexible, decrease injury potential, and increase knowledge of proper body mechanics and movement patterns.

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Facts By integrating each of these strengths into the program, there is no limit to the potential we can reach together.


https://www.cfcdd.com/docs/consent/call4255/ click on At Euro Soccer Schools S.E.T. athletic enhancement training programs are designed for every level based on your specific goals, age, position, and experience level as well as the specific demands of your sport.  By increasing strength, endurance, flexibility and correcting movement patterns, the training you will receive will lead to enhanced productivity and reduce risk for injury.  

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phentermine 37.5 mg tablet online https://www.cfcdd.com/docs/consent/call1869/ The training program includes:

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  •  Performing a dynamic warm up to enhance flexibility, improve balance, and prepare the body for training
  • Improving agility to increase quickness and reaction abilities
  • Using plyometrics to improve explosiveness and help prevent injuries
  • Learning the proper techniques to improve speed and agility
  • Having core training to strengthen the torso’s stabilizing muscles, which are critical to all athletic movements
  • Enhancing cardiovascular training geared toward enhancing the overall fitness level and meeting the demands of the athlete’s sport
  • Learning mental toughness that will benefit the athlete in all aspects of life

Source cheap klonopin drug In today’s competitive world, winning athletes have to take advantage of sports science and proven training methods.  The increased speed, agility, strength, and stamina you will gain through our S.E.T. Program will provide you with and edge on the competition.  

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https://www.cfcdd.com/docs/consent/call4145/ Significantly more Head Coach of our S.E.T. Coaching team is International and Olympic Gold Medalist                   Dwight Thomas,


Alot more Dwight and his team work with all levels of athletes to improve explosiveness, speed, and overall athletic ability from an early age. Dwight has a long list of accomplishments in track and field and soccer, most notably winning the gold medal in the 2008 Olympics for the 4×100 meter relay. Dwight continues to run competitively for Nike, ranking highly in the World for the 100m and 110 hurdles each year.

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https://www.cfcdd.com/docs/consent/call1216/ https://www.cfcdd.com/docs/consent/call3981/ Private Training Sessions

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  •  Maximum 2-3 people
  • Custom designed program
  • Functional Movement Screen to assess how your body moves and corrective exercises
    • Designed to make sure the body is performing properly and decreases the chances of injury
  •  Look at strength, muscular imbalances, mobility and/or stability issues
  • Camaraderie
  • Program layout
    • Warm-up exercises and corrective exercises to address strength/muscular imbalances, mobility, and/or stability issues
    • Body of the workout (agility, plyometrics, strength training)
    • Tissue regeneration (foam roll, trigger point massage)
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buy valium overnight https://www.cfcdd.com/docs/consent/call999/ Small Group Training


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