About Us

Euro Soccer Schools (ESS), as members and licensed by the US Soccer Federation (USSF) and National Soccer Coaches Association of America (NSCAA) are originally a Pre School Soccer training program, serving Central Florida and California since 2005.

With tens of thousands of participants over the years, ESS has made a huge positive impact on the community by striving to deliver over and above performances in the training environment. Eliminating memories of those negative soccer experiences which result in children dropping out of the sport due to minimal involvement and lack of encouragement.

One of our core fundamentals is that children deserve to be treated as children and given the freedom to learn in a safe and happy environment. “By eliminating the competitive environment at early developmental stages, our children grow in confidence and don’t become discouraged by losing. As they develop these fundamental skills prepare them for realistic competition. At this point we are able to teach handling defeat in the correct manner. Realistic goals are set and motivators are introduced for kids to achieve success in game like activities. This is the future of developing soccer players and well-rounded individuals”

Mission Statement

To bring Professional style Soccer training camps at an affordable level to the community. Providing not only a safe and fun environment for our children to learn in but also to help develop good morals such as Sportsmanship, respect, honesty, loyalty and courage through active participation.