Pre-K & Kindergarten – “Soccer Stars Program”

‘Did you know that Experts suggest that young children should accumulate at least 60 minutes of physical activity every day?”….
Currently at over 60 schools in the Central Florida region alone, our program is designed to help develop the Hand, Eye, Ball co-ordination skills essential in child development. Through introducing ball routines along with balance and agility routines our program helps children develop core strength and flexibility while all of the time improving fine motor skills. Each of our sessions is fun and instructional, conducted within the school grounds and completely safe. Ideal for children of all abilities.

Each practice session features fun and progressive drills and games. Emphasis is placed on the development of fundamental skills and careful consideration has been given to prioritize the most relevant techniques to master at this age level.

Main topics include introducing skills in dribbling, passing and ball control through ‘themed’ or character related activities. The program starts with dribbling to familiarize novice players with the ball and introduces the game as a fun and enjoyable sport.

Each fun filled session concentrates on developing the basics using drills designed to focus on balance, agility, and coordination of fine motor skills. The program is age appropriate and sets a solid foundation for players to advance to the next level.

Elementary Schools – “Soccer in the Community”

Our “Soccer in the community” weekly program is offered at over 75 locations across Central Florida. The program is designed to develop all of the core areas essential for improving the technique and ability of ALL players. Progressing the Hand, Eye, Ball co-ordination and core agility routines into spatial awareness and recreational level competition arena.

Suitable for children aged 5 and upwards of all abilities our program continues to prove a great success with many of our participants going on to play both recreational and competitive level soccer.

Sessions consist of low and high intensity games and activities depending on the temperature, age group, ability level, playing area and environment. ALL Sessions include a balance of conditioning and ball skills. Sessions are safe, fun but ultimately instructional.